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I shoot all sessions on location. The session can be in the comfort of your own home or shot at an outside location of your choosing like the beach or a park. It's totally up to you! I can shoot in natural surroundings or provide studio shots with my portable studio which consists of lighting, umbrellas, soft boxes, backdrops, etc. It's compact enough to shoot in the smallest of locations! All of my photos are taken with the latest professional Canon gear.
If you also need videos taken of special events , music and personal or family occasions , this can be arranged.

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Misc Photos Dec 31, 2009
Out & About March 20 2010
Christie Kurpjuweit & Friends
Fireworks on Canada Day 2010

Moon Eclipse Feb 20, 2008
Shutter Speeds
Kin Coulee frosty day

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Medicine Hat Idol Contest
Season 2
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Updated Nov 13-2009

Photos from the
Nov 12-09 Finale
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Kick Willy Nov 7-09
Rob Hudec "Dandelion" CD Release Party Videos
Open Mic @ Bee Natural on Feb 5 & 19 2010
Karaoke @ Mainliner Pub 2010 Weeks 1-6
Christie Kurpjuweit & The Other Guys